It was twenty years ago today

I wrote my first public blog post on 2004-05-111. I immediately followed it up with a brief review of my BlackBerry2.

Heavily pixellated image saying "I Power Blogger".

I kept up the blogging for a few months, then it trickled off. I preferred posting on Usenet and other primitive forms of social media. But, by 2007, I was back to blogging on my own site again, and I never really stopped. This blog fluctuates between being a diary, an excuse to rant, and technical writing. It's my site and I can do whatever I want with it. That's rather freeing.

I have an "On This Day" feature of my blog. Every morning I check what I was writing about on this day in years gone by. I find it informative and meditative to see how much I've grown3 and what topics I keep returning to.

I'm not big on milestones or anniversaries. But it does feel rather nice to know that I started something a few decades ago that is still a going concern.

Here's a little treat to thank you for reading:

  1. Since then, I've imported it to this site 
  2. If memory serves, I found the BlackBerry in a colleague's drawer, asked to borrow it, then used social engineering to get the IT team to set it up for me. Fun times! 
  3. And how little I've changed. 

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