The Best Phone for Blogging?

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This has been a really tough NaBloPoMo for me. Work has been frantic – meaning that my lunchtime blogging has been restricted to a quick bit of copy editing. I’ve also had some wonderful new toys to play with – which has distracted my attention. But the biggest problem? My Android phone. Don’t get me…

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Show Film First

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I’m a big fan Show Film First. A company which aims to get people to preview screenings of films – for free. There’s also a confusingly similarly named company called See Film First with broadly similar aims. I’m not sure what, if any, relationship the two have. Show Film First concentrate mainly on bloggers –…

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Three Long Years of Blogging

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It looks like I’ve missed an anniversary! I’ve been blogging continuously for three years. I’ve also recently turned thirty-one – and it’s got me thinking about the digital trail that I leave across the Internet. I started blogging nine years ago – but they were private blogs. Love letters to the woman who would eventually…

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It sounds like a Judoon war cry – “Na Blo Po Mo!” But rather than legions from the Shadow Proclamation, it is an amassed horde of bloggers poised to do battle with the enemy. Gentlemen – the enemy is us. I noticed that I had averaged a blog post every few days in October –…

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