if ( gender == "female" && married == True && age >=30 ) { hasChildren = True; }

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Email promting parents to get their kids travel savvy.

Marketing really is crap. Recently, SE Railways sent this piece of email drivel to my wife: We don't have any kids, thankfully - and are not having any in the future. My wife was literally recovering from a sterilisation procedure when the email arrived. So it seemed a bit weird that they'd send her a…

Stop adding email tracking links to phone numbers!

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Gmail showing the tel URl scheme of a link with extra tracking information in it.

My Chinese takeaway delivery was late. Very late. I flipped open the confirmation email sent by Just-Eat to double-check I had all the details correct. At the bottom was a "click to call" link. Hurrah! I clicked dial, and this is what filled my screen: An absurdly long phone number. Bemused, I went to inspect…

Is it creepy when brands pester you on social media?

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If you would like to exercise any of your rights above, please contact us at privacy@brandseye.com and provide us with your full details (including name, telephone number, address and email and the precise nature of your request and/or grievance).

You're sat in a pub, chatting with your mates. You start to moan about how the cheap lager they serve gives you a headache. All of a sudden, a stranger runs up to you and says: "Oh no! Headaches? Have you tried the refreshing taste of Pepsi® Cola? It's the Flavour That Keeps Giving™!" I…

Who Owns The Customer?

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Where in the value chain are you? This is a question that we're constantly being asked. When a customer is doing something, who is she doing it with? Who is she doing it for? With whom does she hold the relationship. Above all - Who Owns The Customer? This sort of thinking always bothers me…

Bluetooth Spam from Coca-Cola

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Bluetooth spam. It's been debated for a long time, but it looks like it's becoming a reality in the UK now that the ICO say marketers do not need opt-in consent - although the DMA differs in opinion. I was quietly sat in a London restaurant when my phone bleeped into action. Would I like…