While attending IndieWebCamp in Brighton a few weeks ago, a bunch of us were talking about blogging. What is post? What should it contain? What's optional?

Someone (probably Jeremy Keith said:

A blog post doesn't need a title.

In a literal sense, he was wrong. The HTML specification makes it clear that the <title> element is mandatory. All documents have title.

But, in a practical sense, he was right. This blog post has an empty <h1> element - the document might be semantically invalid, it might reduce accessibility, but the post is still available.

A blog post can be a plain text document uploaded to a server. It can be an image hosted on a social network. It can be a voice note shared with your friends.

Title, dates, comments, links, and text are all optional.

No one is policing this.

Go create something which doesn't fit properly with the rest of the world.

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11 thoughts on “”

  1. Mike says:

    I’m going to write short blog posts on the leaves of trees, to be published to passers by in Autumn.

  2. Dragon Cotterill says:

    Technically true.

    But... it's hard to click a link from a RSS reader when there is no actual title. I only managed to navigate to this by going to the main home page and then clicking here. Maybe I should detect a blank title and fill it with "This muppet didn't give me a title, so I created my own."


  3. says:

    Maybe a blog post doesn't need a non-title. Like... how much can I fit into a title element before browsers won't even show it all in a tooltip?

    But ignoring my silly thoughts: Jeremy-or-whoever is still right. A blog post does not have to be a HTML page. A blog post can be an element in an RSS feed, like theunderground.blog. A blog post can be a text file referenced from an archive page. Who are you to say that a blog post has to be written in HTML? 🙂

  4. Ian Turton says:

    I'm pleased to say that my homebrewed rss reader handled it fine, just dropped the link in.


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