Facebook is lying to you about needing its messenger app

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Like many people, I can't be bothered using Facebook's mobile app. I live my life in the browser and don't need a battery-hungry, always listening, contact stealing app notifying me every five minutes. I check Facebook Messages when I want. If it's urgent, there are many better ways to contact me than Messenger. Until recently,… Continue reading →

A curious new mobile phone scam

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Last week I was contacted by the BBC's consumer affairs programme "You And Yours" for my expert opinion on a new type of mobile phone scam. Warning! I'll be on @BBCRadio4's You And Yours shortly.Please tune your wirelesses accordingly. pic.twitter.com/6F3ZSiWuIn — Terence Eden (@edent) April 11, 2016 Several people had contacted the show to say… Continue reading →

Coming Unstuck With The Nexus 6

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The Motorola built Nexus 6 is just about the worst Android handset I've owned. The USB port is upside down, the screen is smeary at low light, the back is so slippery it spins wildly on any flat surface, the battery is average at best, and the curve of the back makes impossible to type… Continue reading →

BlackBerry's "App Neutrality" isn't as crazy as it sounds

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BlackBerry have drawn scorn from the technology world with their calls for Network Neutrality to apply to app developers. The CEO thinks that NetFlix - and others - should be forced to provide apps for BlackBerry's minority platform. Is he serious? It sounds like an insane and bureaucratic solution to BlackBerry's woes - but I'm… Continue reading →

Qi on the Cheap

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A few months ago, I asked if we could entirely do away with physical ports on phones. We have Bluetooth to replace the headphone port, WiFi can replaced the data transfer properties of the USB port, all that's needed is a way to get power into the damn thing! That's what the "Qi" standard hopes… Continue reading →

Is Monument Valley Overpriced? Yes.

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Monument Valley - the hyper-praised indie game from UsTwo - has just hit a bump in the road. It wants to charge users for new levels. This particular review has been doing the rounds on Twitter. Yes, it's hyperbolic and ranty - but it is the absolute truth. Monument Valley is overpriced. Now, don't get… Continue reading →

Episode 7: The No Phone & @Documentally

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The Internet's own bearded wonder - Documentally - talks for about a minute on the wonder that is... The No Phone! Get About A Minute as soon as each episode goes live. Stick this Podcast Feed into your podcatcher Or you can Subscribe on iTunes Intro music "Gran Vals" performed by Brian Streckfus. Stopwatch Icon… Continue reading →

Episode 3: Future of Mobile - Podcast

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A quick chat with Paul Johnston of Padajo about his ideas on the future of mobile. Get About A Minute as soon as each episode goes live. Stick this Podcast Feed into your podcatcher Or you can Subscribe on iTunes Intro music "Gran Vals" performed by Brian Streckfus. Stopwatch Icon by Ilsur Aptukov from The… Continue reading →

Localisation is Hard - Nokia Here and Roundabouts

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Last year I complained about a dangerous change to Google's Maps app. When driving, you want to spend the majority of your time concentrating on the road ahead. Flicking one's eyes to the mirrors & speedometer should be enough to quickly assess one's environment. The same applies for SatNav apps - every second that is… Continue reading →

The Curious Case of Amazon's IMDb Adverts

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The Internet Movie Database is one of the most venerable sites on the Web. It was founded by a British programmer in 1990 as a collection of Usenet posts (kids, ask your parents). By 1993 it was on the nascent World Wide Web - and was hosted out of Cardiff University in Wales. IMDb was… Continue reading →