Add "Pause" and "Wait" to your conference call details.

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How often have you seen a meeting request which says… To join the conference call, please dial 0306 999 0348, then type in your access number (07700 900 951) followed by the hash or pound key. What a faff! If you’re reading the message on your phone you have to flip back and forth as…

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Rethinking Telephone Call Charges

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The UK telecoms regulator Ofcom is attempting to simplify the way consumers are charged for telephone calls. (Disclaimer: I work for a company which is regulated by Ofcom. This is my personal blog.) To deal with the multitude of different types of phone numbers – each with their own unique cost – and the rise…

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"Let’s ban tiny phones!" – UK Government

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The BBC is reporting that the Government is so afraid of prisoners having access to concealed mobile phones, they want to introduce a ban. UK officials are considering banning the sale of small mobile phones designed to resemble car key fobs. A government spokesman told the BBC that it was discussing the issue with the…

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Review: S16 Mobile Phone Watch

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Like many people, I no longer wear a watch. I’ve got a phone which tells me the time and data – why do I need something cluttering my wrist? The Evolution of the Watch I wasn’t always this way, I used to love high-tech watches. Throughout my teenaged years I had one of those calculator…

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