Why did Usenet fail?

An old fashioned interface showing messages about Bob Dylan.

This is annecdata - not a serious academic study. Adjust your expectations accordingly. When I first got online, the World Wide Web was still in its infancy - so CompuServe was my gateway to the Internet. I loved their well organised chat room. A couple of clicks and I could be discussing Babylon 5 with […]

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Reddit is Dropping AMP

Whoops - looks like some of the changes we were planning got out of the bag a bit early - yes, the change to compact and i.reddit.com is part of this project. We also intend to deprecate the amp platform this year. We are making these changes in an effort to streamline the experience and reduce the number of ways you can access Reddit on the web. This is part of our broader effort to simplify reddit talked about earlier this month. The changes that happened today to i.reddit.com and compact, and the ones coming to amp do not impact old.reddit.

As part of its continuing quest to alienate all its long-time users provide a better user experience to everyone, Reddit recently announced a slew of changes. Buried in amongst all the hullabaloo from whinging ungrateful brats thoughtful comments from people with justifiable concerns, was this snippet from a Reddit employee: An Improved Web Experience - […]

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Minor Reddit Security Bug Fixed

I'm the sort of hip cat who frequents Internet Bulletin Boards. Recently I found myself needing to verify the email address associated with my Reddit account. The email I received from Reddit was charmingly lo-fi and eschewed those bourgeois capital letters. Notice the (teensy tiny) flaw? Yup, it's using vanilla "http" rather than the super […]

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