I have resigned from the Google AMP Advisory Committee

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As per the AMP AC charter, I have resigned with immediate effect. As I was a non-corporate representative, I will not be nominating a replacement. I have loved working with the AC. They are a team of brilliant individuals who are all committed to trying to make AMP better, and I'm sorry to leave them.…

A report from the AMP Advisory Committee Meeting

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I don't like AMP. I think that Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages are a bad idea, poorly executed, and almost-certainly anti-competitive. So, I decided to join the AC (Advisory Committee) for AMP. I don't want them surrounded with sycophants and yes-men. A few weeks ago, a bunch of the AC met in London for our first…

Snarking on the Internet

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It's fun to grumble about a product. Sending snarky tweets, writing ranty blog-posts for those sweet HackerNews page-views, and generally complaining about how crap something is. Admit it, you do it too! I do it too often. The thing is, that's the easy way out. Much harder is engaging in constructive dialogue, submitting decently detailed…

Google's AMP is a gilded cage

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AMP is Google's attempt to re-fight the transcoding wars of the early 2000s. It is actively dangerous to the web ecosystem, helps disseminate propaganda, and is disliked by many users. If, like me, you made the mistake of trying out AMP on your website - you're in a tricky position if you try to remove…