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Minor Reddit Security Bug Fixed

Reddit Email Verification

I'm the sort of hip cat who frequents Internet Bulletin Boards. Recently I found myself needing to verify the email address associated with my Reddit account. The email I received from Reddit was charmingly lo-fi and eschewed those bourgeois capital letters. Notice the (teensy tiny) flaw? Yup, it's using vanilla "http" rather than the super secure "https". Earlier this year, Reddit switched on SSL… Read more »

WebDAV, SSL Handshake, OwnCloud, CloudFlare, and Ubuntu 12.04

OwnCloud Logo

Right, that's enough keyword stuffing! I've been trying to mount an OwnCloud instance via WebDAV. I kept receiving the error


The route of this problem seems to be that the version of libneon (the WebDAVS connector library) shipped with Ubuntu 12.04 doesn't play nicely with the SSL certificates issued by CloudFlare. Here's the solution I discovered. Grab libneon 30.1 - and… Read more »

Path - Privacy & Security Problems


I'm trying out the new Android app for Path - the new social networking service. I've discovered something rather troubling... Most of the app's communication with the Path servers is over SSL. This means that no-one can see the data you're sending and receiving. If there are snoops on your network, they will only be able to see the encrypted data flowing back and… Read more »

A (Minor) Twitter Privacy Bug?

Quick Summary Twitter's secure API hides the contents of the tweets you are reading. But it doesn't hide the images of those you converse with. Raised as Issue 2175. A Bit More Detail Twitter has a secure (HTTPS) and insecure (HTTP) API. When calling the secure API, all the content of the returned message (tweets) are encrypted. Eavesdroppers only see the cipher-text - essentially… Read more »