The Great British Shake Off

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This weekend, I spotted that a chap I know was running a Shakespeare themed GameJam – a sort of informal collection/competition arranged around a theme. The Shakespeare #BardJam ends midnight BST tonight, & works-in-progress are welcome. #interactivefiction #textgame — Ash (@ggnewed) April 30, 2016 Given my previous experience developing Interactive Fiction, I figured I’d…

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Writing A "Choose Your Own Adventure" Story On Twitter

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I’ve spent the last few days writing a Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) game on Twitter. This blog post briefly discusses how I did it – and what pitfalls I discovered when creating it. But, first, if you want to play…. You should probably be asleep. I've created a "Choose You Own Adventure" on Twitter.…

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Text Adventures Via Text Message

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Remember text adventures, eh? They were pretty nifty! “You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike” >Go East “You have been eaten by a Grue. A dwarf starts singing about gold” Smashing! Just like the pictures are better on the radio, so the graphics are immeasurably superior when they’re in your head.…

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