Someone turned my game into a comic!

A rendering of a comic with the text in English.

Hello readers! Way back in 2015, I wrote a "Choose Your Own Adventure" game using Twitter. I think it is fair to say that it is the best computer game I've ever published. And probably the only time I'll ever be reviewed in The Guardian and Kotaku! Anyway, a year ago I was contacted by […]

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Game Review: Stray (PS4)

Box art showing a ginger cat.

The philosopher Thomas Nagel wrote "What Is It Like to Be a Bat?" and attempted to show that we can never really understand another living creature's consciousness. I had hoped that Stray would answer the question "What is it like to be a cat?" But it doesn't. Frankly, it doesn't even try. It feels like […]

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Mindustry - Scrap To Everything Schematic

A tangled factory built out of pixelated components.

I love Mindustry. It's like an open source version of Factorio - defend a base and build huge sprawling factories. One of the constraints is the limited number of resources on some levels. You need silicon to make alloy. But to get silicon, you need sand and coal. But what if you don't have sand […]

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Movie Review: Free Guy

Movie poster.

It always amuses me how rarely American actors are allowed to act. Ryan Reynolds stars as Ryan Reynolds - with the exact same delivery and intonation as all his other rôles. The same semi-improvised witty asides. The same fourth-wall breaking memes. Hey, look, it works for him and audiences seem to love it. I just […]

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Yo! Stadia! How much do your games cost?

Stadia games with no prices

I got a student discount to buy a Google Stadia games system for £60. Seemed like pretty good value. But I didn't buy it - because Google refuses to tell me how much their ecosystem costs. Upfront Cost There's nothing on the main Stadia page which says that you need to pay £9/month to get […]

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Game Review: The Secret of Monkey Island - Special Edition

High resolution graphics.

Blogging like it's 1991! I'm pretty sure that I had the shareware version of the original Monkey Island. At any rate, I remember the amazing graphics... But I don't remember getting further than the first few screens. I do remember a few years later, my brother and I completing the CD-ROM version of "Day Of […]

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Game Review: Fugue in Void

Pipes in a moodily lit room.

I'm playing through the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. You can follow along with all my game reviews. I have mixed feelings about this. It isn't really a game - and admits as much - more of a low-stakes exploration simulator. It is gorgeous. I couldn't believe my laptop was capable of rendering […]

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Game Review: WitchWay (and getting it running on Linux)

A witch pushing some blocks.

I'm playing through the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. You can follow along with all my game reviews. This starts as a fun little logic puzzle, but quickly descends into frustration. Like Portal, you have limited array of actions and have to manipulate your environment in order to get move on to the […]

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Game Review: A Short Hike

Blocky pixelated graphics.

I'm playing through the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. You can follow along with all my game reviews. This is the delightful indie game A Short Hike. I don't play many video games, because I find them arbitrary and confusing. They also go on far too long. But "Hike" is the perfect length. […]

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Rules for Cooperative Poker #JanJam17

This is a sort of poker variant / group solitaire which can be played either competitively or collaboratively. These rules were thrashed out at the Oxford January Games Jam. I think it is original - but there are literally thousands of card games, so it is hard to tell! As I've mentioned before, I love […]

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