Let's get rid of humans

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A robot taxi driver.

We place a large premium on Human. Mostly because it is what we've always known. But, when given the choice, we often ditch humans for something better. Some random examples… Radio DJs Does anyone actually miss witless chatter between records? Use of Spotify suggests a large number of us don't need a Human to introduce…

Postel's Law also applies to human communication

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Early Internet pioneer, Jon Postel, beautifully captured the "Robustness Principle" for networked communications. "Be strict in what you send, and generous in what you receive." That is, any computer sending data to another, should stick closely to the specification for that communication channel. Any computer receiving data, should expect that the sender isn't following the…

Scaling Is A Human Problem Too

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This morning I received an email which made my heart sink. In order to co-ordinate things better, we'd like to invite you to our exclusive Slack Channel! A variety of rude words danced around my brain. I think this makes the, what, 9th? 10th? Slack that I'm part of. Don't get me wrong, I like…

This isn't your question to answer.

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Some giant question marks standing in a field.

Just because I ask a question - doesn't mean I'm asking you a question! There's a certain class of Internet user who troubles me. He - and it is usually a he - will strive to answer any technical question he sees asked, no matter his lack of expertise. Here are the symptoms: Sometimes he…