Let's get rid of humans

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A robot taxi driver.

We place a large premium on Human. Mostly because it is what we've always known. But, when given the choice, we often ditch humans for something better. Some random examples… Radio DJs Does anyone actually miss witless chatter between records? Use of Spotify suggests a large number of us don't need a Human to introduce…

Queer Computers In Science Fiction

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Two robots embracing.

An interesting question appeared on Twitter - where are the queer robots in Sci-Fi? Other than that SNL skit, had there been a queer sci-fi AI in television or movies? — Scifiinterfaces.com (@scifiinterfaces) June 5, 2019 Let's first define what we mean by Queer. This usually means outside of binary gender and/or someone who is…

"I, Robot" - the 3 laws considered harmful

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A metal face with glowing eyes stares at you.

What happens when a robot begins to question its creators? What would be the consequences of creating a robot with a sense of humour? Or the ability to lie? How do we truly tell the difference between man and machine?

What does a robot look like?

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The Terminator is a terrifying metal skeleton with glowing red eyes.

This is a question I often ask my students. Typically they say a robot looks like this: Or this: Broadly human, but mostly metal. Occasionally, I get non anthropocentric answers like this mule: Or even something stark and industrial like this: One is experimental, the other is rarely seen in day-to-day life. The truth is,…

Would You Shoot R2-D2 in the Face?

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The most distressing movie moment I experienced when I was a child, was watching R2-D2 being shot by a TIE fighter towards the end of Star Wars. (Spoiler!) The sheer callousness of a "baddie" deliberately inflicting pain on a cute a loveable character is, I suppose, understandably upsetting - especially to a small child. I…