Where is the original "Overview of SHARD" paper?

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A citation in a modern paper.

One thing I'm finding extremely frustrating in academia is the number of people citing papers which don't seem to actually exist. As part of a data analytics class, I'm learning about "database sharding". That is, the process of splitting data between multiple machines. But where does the term come from? Wikipedia - the source of…

Zotero Citations to Markdown Links via CSL

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Zotero logo.

I use Zotero to manage my references. Instead of in-text citations of (Smith, 1984) - I want that to be hyperlinked to the academic paper referenced. For example ([Smith, 1984](https://doi.org/.....)) This is possible, if you're willing to hack around with CSL - the Citation Style Language. Here's a fragment of CSL that I've adapted from…

Convert DOI to a HTML5 / Schema citation

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The DOI logo.

This is a quick and dirty way to turn a DOI (Digital Object Identifiers for academic papers) into an HTML & Microdata citation. I use this to power my Citations page. Schema.org is a Microdata standard which allows machines to read your HTML and create semantic relations between documents. Here's a minimum viable citation: <blockquote…

Quoting Page Numbers from eBooks Considered Harmful

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It emerged this morning* that the Guardian newspaper has realised that the way it writes is unsuitable for the web. *Source: Guardian Newspaper, 18/11/2011, page http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/mind-your-language/2011/feb/18/mind-your-language-day-date-time By using non-specific language, I have introduced a degree of ambiguity which makes it hard for reader - both in the present day and the future - to understand…