Review: Christina Bianco In Divine Company at The Chocolate Factory

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Poster featuring Christina Bianco as a Diva.Doing vocal impressions is hard. Doing them while singing is even harder. But Chirstina Bianco does it effortlessly, backwards and in high heels.

I remember seeing the Forbidden Broadway show decades ago - Bianco is an alumna - and being slightly confused by all the "inside baseball" terminology. This new one-woman show is much more accessible. We were treated to Shania Twain singing Bucks Fizz, Celine Dion doing West End classics, and Julie Andrews being very rude! It's nice that it's not just American singing stars. Who knew that Edina Monsoon and Katherine Parkinson were such poets?!

The show - In Divine Company - is a run through the divas of stage and screen. Note perfect recreations of your favourite stars being as incongruous as possible.

The show is beautifully lit. What could have been a boring single spotlight is a dynamic and dazzling array of sequin-sparkling effects.

It's a well-paced show, with enough time to catch your breath between songs. A few opening-night glitches couldn't get in the way of the well-deserved standing ovation.

Silly songs sung sweetly. A perfect night out for any musical theatre lover.

In Divine Company runs until the 20th of May.


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