Chatting Solar Panels at EMF Camp

I fucking loved my first visit to #EMFcamp. After two years of lockdown, I was over-excited at the chance to be with all my friends in a field this year. I was over-excited about doing a talk about my beloved solar panels. I was over-excited about sleeping in a goddamned camper-van! I was even - sadly - excited at seeing my name broadcast on TELETEXT!

A chunky old CRT TV showing the description of my talk over CeeFax.

Photograph © Skylar MacDonald 2022. All Rights Reserved. The moral rights of the author have been asserted.

The universe, of course, had other plans. Striking down both Liz and me with COVID literally the day before we were due to pick up our camper. FUCK YOU UNIVERSE. FUCK YOU COVID!

Thankfully, our symptoms weren't too bad (thanks to some TOP SECRET medical experiments we may or may not be participating in. Shhhh!)

And, even more thankfully, Jonty and his crew of joyful nerds found a way for me to do my presentation. There's this brand new technology called "Zoom". I really think it could be even bigger than ICQ messenger because - get this! - you can send voice and video and slides at the same time. MAGIC!

So I hastily rejigged my slides, gulped down some industrial-strength cough medicine, and said hello to all my new friends.

I asked the tech team to mount my laptop so I could see the smiling faces of anyone who'd entered the tent. It almost worked.
A lot of very blurry faces overwhelmed by the light saturation.

It's always hard presenting to a room where you can't hear people chuckling at your jokes. It's worse when you can't even tell if they're humans or poorly constructed animatronics. But I got a little bit of audience participation going and, overall, it went pretty well, I think:

Sadly, it looks like official videos might not appear this year:

But... Because I love you all very much, I did a pre-record just in case the live-stream failed. My brain and throat were slightly addled with Covid when I did the record - so I ask you to bare that in mind. You can watch it for free at:

If you'd like me to natter on about solar in person - buy me a pint first ☺

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One thought on “Chatting Solar Panels at EMF Camp”

  1. David Sutton says:

    Really enjoyed your presentation Terence. Our son James did one at EMFCamp about the Mayflower Autonomous Ship - See - he's on the People page under IBM Shipmates/IBM Research Crew.

    Anyway, to the point!

    We also use Octopus Energy for electricity and gas supply, and for more than 18 months now, we have been on the Octopus Go tariff for electricity, which costs about 14p/kWh between 04:30 and 00:30, but between 00:30 and 04:30, it's only 5p/kWh, so this is when we run the washing machine, dishwasher and charge the VW ID.3 - so to fill the 58kWh car battery overnight would cost £2.90 as opposed to £8.12 during the day. The Ohme charger app allows me to dictate when the car charges. Worth thinking about maybe?


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