I only know you from above the shoulders

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Two dogs sat at a computer. One says "On the Internet nobody knows you're a dog."

One of my lovely colleagues made an small speech during a recent meeting. She was delighted to announce that she was heading off on maternity leave next month and looked forward to seeing us all next year once the pandemic was over. There were the usual round of congratulations and how-will-we-cope-without-yous. But a few of…

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Don’t think of it as Working From Home – Think of it as Extreme Hotdesking!!

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A c omplex mechanical unit to adjust the height of a laptop.

I once drove my company car to my company’s office and then drove around the company car park for 20 minutes looking in vain for a parking space. Whereupon I double-parked across a couple of cars, flipped on my hazard lights, and dialled in to my Very Important Meeting. Half-an-hour later, I drove home to…

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You have no idea of the changes which are coming

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The New National Health Service.

I wrote this before the pandemic. I chickened out of publishing it because I was working for NHSX at the time. Some of these things have come to pass. Some are yet to come. I’ll never forget the look of horror on my professor’s face when I told him I didn’t think his university course…

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All the jobs I failed to get

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Terence Eden standing outside Number 10 Downing Street.

A few years ago, Johannes Haushofer published a CV of failures. In it, he lists all the grants he wasn’t awarded, positions he didn’t get, papers rejected. I think that people need to be more open about failure. None of us are perfect – despite what our social media presence says – and all of…

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Forced into the FIRE

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A tiny lego Storm Trooper eats a chocolate coin.

I’m an ambivalent convert to FIRE – Financial Independence Retire Early. The basic gist is: Minimise your expenditure, Save 20x your annual expenditure, Retire early while maintaining the same lifestyle. That’s it. There are a lot of crappy books about FIRE, but the concept is simple. So I try to spend a little less, and…

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Giving up on phone contracts

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Table showing my mobile usage. 5 minutes, 4 texts, 1 MB.

Another weird economic casualty of COVID19. I’m not wearing out my socks and shoes. I cancelled my train season ticket. And now, I’m giving up my mobile contract. For a decade, I worked in the mobile industry – and always had an unlimited SIM card. Rejoining the real world, some years ago, was a bit…

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Where Everybody Knows Your Name (and other metadata)

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A group of people in a video call waving at their cameras. Each has a name under their video.

I’ve made no secret of rather enjoying this enforced period of remote work. Sure, it has had its challenges – but there have been so many fringe benefits. Less commuting! No crappy-canteen lunches! More time to sleep in! And, today, I was reminded of another benefit. I am terrible at remembering names. Many a time…

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Why would I ever leave my house again? (Do I have Stockholm Syndrome?)

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Us outside the opera house.

How are you enjoying lockdown, gang? I think I’m coping well. Perhaps a little too well… I was having virtual-drinks with some friends, when one of them said “How many people just aren’t going to want to go back to commuting after this?” I’ve always been a bit of a homebody. I work from home…

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Accessibility is a public health issue

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A tweet which says "From the chair of surgery at Columpbia Presbyterian." There is a big blank image afterwards.

Dark times, my friends. Dark times. It’s up to all of us to pull together. And that means making vital health information accessible. One of the easiest things you can do is make your Twitter content accessible is by adding descriptions to your images. Go to twitter.com/settings/accessibility and turn on “Compose image descriptions”. Here’s why.…

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Not Shaking Hands Feels Weird

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Lots of bottles of hand sanitiser.

In British culture – the handshake is the default greeting. It’s as ubiquitous as a hearty “good morning” or offering to buy people a round of drinks in the pub. To deliberately not shake hands is rude. It indicates that you are breaking normal social behaviour. Handshakes are political. Back in the 1990s, the Prime…

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