Chatting Solar Panels at EMF Camp

A lot of very blurry faces overwhelmed by the light saturation.

I fucking loved my first visit to #EMFcamp. After two years of lockdown, I was over-excited at the chance to be with all my friends in a field this year. I was over-excited about doing a talk about my beloved solar panels. I was over-excited about sleeping in a goddamned camper-van! I was even - […]

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Reflections on #EMFcamp - a Science-Fact Convention

Terence and Liz in front of Lasers at emfcamp.

At a science-fiction convention, you queue for hours to hear a bit-part actor describe what it was like on the set of a forgotten sci-fi show. At a science-fact convention, you have a beer with a person who is literally changing the world with a laser cutter, some diodes, and a smattering of Python. Welcome […]

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