Infrared Infrastructure

I recently went to EMF Camp (which is Glastonbury for geeks - lots of random electronics, talks, art, and camping). Naturally, I took along my Infrared camera and pointed it at interesting things!

First up… sewage! Festivals often have big tanks to take away human effluence. But how can you, a normal human, tell how full they are? Luckily, fresh sewage is warm.

Sewage tank. It is easy to see the level of fullness thanks to the heat signature.

Phone boxen were plenty - thanks CuTel. Because the metal of the box is cold and human fingers are warm, it's possible to see recently dialled numbers.

Payphone. Several of the buttons are glowing with heat.

While there was lots of solar power on site, sometimes you need a thwacking big diesel generator! Here's an IR video of it in action.

Got a datacentre in a portable toilet? No need to open the doors!

Portacabin with hotspots.

Perhaps you will have people cooking on a barbecue. Is it warm enough to safely cook food?

Or, Scottish people might start deep-frying Buckfast (this genuinely happened!)

Person deep frying buckfast.

After all that, time for a nice cold beer.

Thermal image showing warm humans next to cold beer.


Selfie of me. My beard is cold.

You can view more thermal images on Mastodon

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