Olympus Pen QR Advert

What's this I spy from across Woking Station? Why! An advert for the Olympus PEN - complete with a QR code!
Full Poster

The QR code is near the bottom, and has some explanatory text letting you know how to use it. There's even a shortcode to get a reader.
QR Code's explanatory text
The URL that's sent back from the SMS is http://www.isitetv.com/mobile/reader.html which redirects to the popular i-nigma reader.

A clearer shot of the QR card
Close Up of QR Code
The QR resolves to http://www.isitetv.com/pen-m1.htm?INGUID=17662.

The Mobile Site

Light and quick to load. Uses a single image with links to mobile formatted videos.
Olympus Mobile Website
The only downside is that the Terms and Conditions links to a non-mobile site.

How To Make It Better

Overall, this is a really well executed QR campaign. There are a few niggles - thankfully minor.

  • If possible, consider the height of your QR code in relation to the typical viewer. This one is quite near the ground. Making people stoop is a barrier to entry.
  • Keep your URLs short. The current URL "http://www.isitetv.com/pen-m1.htm?INGUID=17662" could be rewritten as "http://isitetv.com/pen?i=17662" for example. A shorter URL is easier to scan.
  • Keep URLs on brand. To prevent QR hijacking, a URL like "http://m.olympus.co.uk/PEN/17662" reassures customers that they're going to a legitimate site.
  • Finally, if possible, make sure all URLs point to mobile friendly pages.

Well done to Olympus and iSiteTV for a great QR campaign.

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2 thoughts on “Olympus Pen QR Advert

  1. Mark Thackara says:

    Thanks for the feedback, it is a learning process and we hope to use more in future where appropriate



  2. says:

    I guess it is early days on usage in this form of communication so we can't be too harsh on the execution. It's visible - at least in this setting (not so from train) - and goes to the mobile site, so they got the basics down. Good to see quick response too, via Mark!

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