Review: WiFi Endoscope

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Lights around a camera.

DO NOT PUT WIFI DEVICES UP YOUR BUM! OR ANYONE ELSE’S BUM! Right, with that disclaimer out of the way, here’s my review of the DDENDOCAM Snake Camera – a 2 metre long, endoscope style camera. People send me the weirdest stuff to review! Video Here’s me investigating my sink drain. Aren’t you glad you…

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Gadget Review – Nooie 360 Security Camera

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Nooie camera sat on a table.

The good folk at Nooie have sent me their 360 WiFi camera to review. Cost is usually £50 – but check the bottom of this post for a discount code. The design is gorgeous – and award winning. It’s a sleek unit and, surprisingly, feels nice in the hand. It can store videos on an…

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Review: PowerAdd 360 Camera

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Close up detail of the lens

After seeing my review of the LG 360 camera, the good folks at PowerAdd sent me their competitor to see what I thought. This sponsored post is a showdown between the two cameras. The PowerAdd is half the cost of the LG, but what’s the quality like? Tech Specs Before we dive in to the…

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LG 360 Camera Review

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A distorted image

I’ve just bought an LG 360 – at £150, it’s one of the cheapest dual lens cameras on the market. This an excellent bit of kit. Easy to use, impressive results, and an app which works pretty well. A single click button to take photos and videos, recording audio in surround sound, and perfect for…

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Review: Svpro 3D Camera – for Android and Raspberry Pi

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I’ve been sent a 3D camera addon to review – the Svpro SV-2560X3D-001 is a £65 stereo camera designed for Android. It will also work with a Raspberry Pi! It looks a little like a Microsoft Kinect – a single bar with two embedded cameras. The camera resolution is 720p on each lens. You can…

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Repairing the Sercomm RC8230 PTZ Camera

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I’ve been busy writing the definitive Sercomm Camera API documentation. (No, you need a hobby!) While doing so, I noticed that I couldn’t get my Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera to… well… pan! No lateral movement whatsoever. It’d move up and down – but its left and right movement was non-existant. I could hear the stepper motor whirring,…

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Y-Cam Knight SD – Review & Linux Guide

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This is a review of the Y-Cam Knight SD. I previously reviewed the Y-Cam S in 2009. I got this camera for a 30% discount thanks to Y-Cam’s social media team. Adjust your bias filters accordingly. Unboxing Linux Set Up To set the camera up, you need to use its internal webserver. So, how can…

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Watching and Simultaneously Saving Video in mplayer – is it possible?

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This is a question I’ve posed in the Ubuntu forums, but I haven’t found the answer yet. I’ve got a great little IP security camera – the Y-Cam. It’s Internet accessible, so it can email me photos of any suspicious behaviour. It will also stream video and audio to a number of devices – including…

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Olympus Pen QR Advert

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What’s this I spy from across Woking Station? Why! An advert for the Olympus PEN – complete with a QR code! The QR code is near the bottom, and has some explanatory text letting you know how to use it. There’s even a shortcode to get a reader. The URL that’s sent back from the…

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Video Sunglasses – Further Details

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A few updates on the Video Recording Sunglasses I blogged about earlier in the week. I stuck in an 8GB microSD card and let the glasses record indefinitely. I was curious what would happen when the size of the video went over the 4GB limit imposed by FAT32 – and what happened when the memory…

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