Let's build a website using XML!

Screenshot of some XML code.

It is 2023. XHTML is dead and buried. HTML is a "living standard" with billions of users. So what kind of idiot would want to build a website using XML? Me. I am that idiot. Last year, I launched a "web page" which didn't use HTML. Called, appropriately enough, "YOU DON'T NEED HTML!" That (ab)used […]

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How and why to use Lynx - the faster web browser

HTML elements rendered in different colours.

Lynx is a text based browser. You think the people who browse without JavaScript are weird? Lynx doesn't even do images or CSS! It downloads HTML and renders it at blazing fast speed. If you ever wondered just how slow modern web development has made the web - Lynx will show you the meaning of […]

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Coping with HEIC in the browser

The best camera is the one that's with you./

Apple's HEIC format is... annoying. At the moment, Apple's products are the only mainstream cameras which use it. Forums are littered with people trying to upload HEIC files to web services and failing. So, here are four quick tips for dealing with this formal. Display in browser Absolutely no browser supports HEIC. Not even Apple's […]

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