How and why to use Lynx - the faster web browser

HTML elements rendered in different colours.

Lynx is a text based browser. You think the people who browse without JavaScript are weird? Lynx doesn't even do images or CSS! It downloads HTML and renders it at blazing fast speed. If you ever wondered just how slow modern web development has made the web - Lynx will show you the meaning of […]

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Building an "On This Day" site for your Twitter Account

Several columns of Tweets. Each one from a previous year.

I wanted to see what I was Tweeting on this exact day last year. And all the years before. So I built a website! It's a disgusting hack, and I'm truly sorry for unleashing it on you. Using the API You can't. The Twitter search API only goes back 7 days. This whole idea would […]

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How to fake Progressive WebP Images

Extremely fuzzy photo.

WebP is the hip new image format on the scene. It offers unrivalled image compression at superior visual quality. But, in my opinion, it is deficient compared to JPG in one significant aspect. It doesn't have a progressive mode. Progressive mode is useful because it can quickly load a low resolution preview of an image, […]

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Strategies for linking to obsolete websites

Plugin offering to fix a broken link by replacing it with an archive link.

I've been blogging for a long time. Over the years, I've linked to tens of thousands of websites. Inevitably, some of those sites have gone. Even when sites still exist, webmasters seem to have forgotten that Cool URls Don't Change. I use the WordPress Broken Link Checker plugin. It periodically monitors the links on my […]

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No Javascript Day

I'd like to propose that web designers around the world spend one day this year browsing the web with JavaScript disabled. I'm tentatively calling this "International No Javascript UseR Experience Day" or INJURED for short. A few weeks ago, a reader of my blog complained that all they saw was a blank screen. As Liz […]

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