Oxford East Hustings

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The Labour candidate I wanted to vote for just lied straight to my face. So I’m backing his Green opponent. Last night I attended a local hustings for the General Election. The two candidates I was most interested to hear from were Andrew Smith (Labour) and Ann Duncan (Green). The Tory candidate pulled out due…

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Did The Lib Dems Cost Labour The Election?

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There have been howls of protest from Labour voters at the prospect of a Lib/Con coalition. The main complaint is that anyone daft enough to vote for Clegg has caused a Tory government. But is it true? Using data from The Guardian, we can see if the Lib Dems cost Labour a majority. In how…

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Why I’m Joining The Lib Dems

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I’m a natural Labour voter.  As I explained several months ago, I went in to this election thinking I may vote Labour.  It’s now become clear that my vote will be going to the Liberal Democrats.  More than that, I will be joining them. I want to explain why – without resorting to attacking the…

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An Open Letter To The Labour Party

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Hello! I’m what you would probably describe as a natural Labour voter. I’m middle class, the son of teachers, University educated, member and representative of the NUS, I’m employed by a big British company, I’m a proud union member and a home owner.  I even spoke at the TUC before Gordon Brown took the stage.…

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