How To Vote

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A complex chart of votes.

I recently had an interesting voting experience which I’d like to share with you. Perhaps you can give me some advice? I’m a member of a board and we recently held an election for new board members. We had 8 spaces and 19 candidates. Candidates wrote a short application and we each ranked them in…

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Should Non-Lawyers Be Able To Understand Laws?

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Queen of the geek scene Emma Mulqueeny has recently been asked to sit on Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy. They’re currently soliciting for comments on the question: The system of laws and law-making in the UK is complex, but is that inevitable given the highly developed and interconnected society which laws regulate? Should you need…

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Direct Digital Democracy – A Disaster?

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While on the anti-Digital-Economy-Bill protest, I bumped into Denny de la Haye. I’ve known Denny virtually for a while – and he’s commented on this blog a number of times. Denny is standing for parliament in Hackney South and Shoreditch. He is standing on a platform of Direct Digital Democracy.  If he is elected, he…

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Why "Raw Data Now" Could Fail…

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Tim Berners-Lee has made a call for governments to open up their data. Indeed, Tim’s been appointed by the UK government to do just that. His central thesis is that we, the taxpayers, have paid for government research and data – we should be able to access it. Easy, free and unfettered access to raw,…

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An Open Letter To The Labour Party

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Hello! I’m what you would probably describe as a natural Labour voter. I’m middle class, the son of teachers, University educated, member and representative of the NUS, I’m employed by a big British company, I’m a proud union member and a home owner.  I even spoke at the TUC before Gordon Brown took the stage.…

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