Don't trust Cloudflare with your personal data

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It has been over a year since I cancelled my Cloudflare account. They keep emailing me and haven't taken me off their marketing lists despite repeated requests. Their CTO told me he would investigate, but nothing changed. Their Data Protection Office hasn't respond to my requests. Cloudflare do not appear to respect the GDPR. I've…

Can you trust CloudFlare with your personal data?

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Email with CloudFlare's new privacy policy.

I'm increasingly concerned with the power that CDNs wield - and CloudFlare in particular. So I decided to delete my CloudFlare account. While they claim to have removed my account, they still seem to count me as an active customer. I wonder how many people bought shares in their IPO based on inaccurate customer numbers?…

Responsible Disclosure: CloudFlare - more interested in tracking than security

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A confirmation email asking me to click on a link,

CloudFlare claim they want to secure the web - but they seem more interested in tracking their customers than giving them decent security. Upon registering with the Internet giant, users are encouraged to confirm their email addresses. So far, so standard. This is the confirmation message CloudFlare sends out: Looks good! Hey! I wonder where…

Caution Needed When Using CloudFlare and Better WP Security

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There's a nasty WordPress hack doing the rounds at the moment. Essentially, it looks for WordPress blogs and then tries to log in to them using common username / password combinations. If you're still using "admin" and "secret" - now is the time to change them! I've started using Better WP Security on my blogs.…