Gadget Review: Meta Quest 2 replacement headstrap

The headstrap which ships with the Meta Quest 2 is shit. It is a cheap piece of fabric, held together with velcro. It's fiddly to adust and uncomfortable to use for longer than a few minutes.

Zuckerberg likes causing you pain.

So I purchased the cheapest upgrade strap I could find - £15 on special offer.

A VR headset strap with lots of questions.

  • It has a forehead cushion, which reduces pressure on the face.
  • The tightness is adjustable with a dial - much easier to use and more precise than the tension straps on the original.
  • The angle of the headset can be more easily adjusted.
  • Back cushions - again, to reduce pressure.
  • Top cushion - can you guess what that's for?

There are loads of straps out there - some with extra batteries, some with built-in cooling and defogging, some with extra headphones, and - of course - some with panda eyes.

On the one hand, it is nice there's a vibrant ecosystem of accessories. On the other hand, it would be nice if Facebook Meta did some testing with human users to make their devices comfortable.


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