Vaxed and Waxed

Nine weeks ago, I got my first does of the AZ vaccine. Yesterday, I received my second.

Despite all the dire warnings of overloaded websites and limited slots, the booking process was boringly anticlimactic. I entered my NHS number, date of birth, postcode - and was then given a choice of locations. I picked one, and was given a range of times. I picked one for a few days hence and my wife - on the computer next to me - picked hers for five minutes later.

Only after booking did we bother to check whether the trains would get us in on time. D'oh! But all was fine.

A trundle to the station, a walk to the pharmacy, a quick check of my details, jab, and home again.

The last vaccination knocked me out for a full day, so we booked for a Friday afternoon. I'm sure I could have taken a few days off from work if I needed - but it isn't like my weekends are full of exciting adventures.

And now what? We're slowly been reintegrating ourselves back into society. A walk through town here, a drink with friends in a park there, even a visit to a local pub. It has been 16 months of lockdown for us.

Should I immediately fill my social calendar with engagements? Spend every waking hour stuffing my senses with pleasure in order to make up for a lost year? No. I think I'll take it slow. Start to see a few local friends. Brave a nice restaurant. Nothing too radical.

To start, I'm going to buy some beard wax to style my hirsute face (what else did you think "waxed" referred to?!?) and start to groom myself into a reasonable facsimile of a normal human being.

But, first, a weekend of feeling like crap and eating comfort food.

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