Weeknotes: Vaccinated - Part 1

I know exactly what I was doing on 9th April 2020. I was worrying about open-sourcing the NHS Covid Tracing app. I was worrying about tech standards for booking test slots. I was worrying if I'd ever see my family and friends again. I was worrying if the NHS websites would contain enough semantic HTML to be useful. I was worrying if the security of 3rd party sites was up to snuff. I was worrying about the Inevitable Pubic Inquiry. I was worrying worrying worrying late into the night.

I know exactly what I was doing on 9th April 2021. Shortly after midday, a lovely NHS worker jabbed me in the arm, and filled my veins with an efficacious cocktail of... Well, let's just agree to call it magic, eh?

Me holding my NHS vaccination card.

Sure, there will be a few days of feeling rough. And there's a few weeks until immunity kicks in. And a few months until the second dose. And a few more until we can all go to the pub and toast our missing friends.

But, for the first time in over a year, I can feel my worry easing.

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