Tech Review - Sabrent rotating USB Hub

As much as I love my MacBook, 2 USB ports just isn't enough! Between phone charging, memory sticks and a keyboard and mouse, I'm sick of swapping cables in and out of ports.

I wanted a USB hub which didn't have a trailing wire (one more thing to get tangled or lost) and would fit neatly onto a laptop.

Enter the Sabrent 4-Port USB 2.0 Rotatable Hub a £6 hub available on Amazon.

It's a tiny hub - about the size of my thumb. It fits perfectly onto a MacBook Pro. The rotating mechanism will lock in a vertical position like so:

Sabrent 4 Port Hub - vertical

Or it can lay flat either to the left of right.
Sabrent 4 Port Hub - left

Sabrent 4 Port Hub - right

The ports are well spaced and were able to accommodate a variety of cables, dongles, and thumb-drives.

Sabrent 4 Port Hub - plugged in

The only downside is that the plug itself feels slightly loose when plugged in. It wobbles a little and means that you need to hold the unit still when unplugging devices from it.
Sabrent 4 Port Hub - wobble

I was worried that it would be too large for my MacBook Air (check me out with two laptops!) but it's fine. It doesn't raise the corner up or cause any problems.

Sabrent 4 Port Hub - MacBook Air 2

Sabrent 4 Port Hub - MacBook Air 1

Overall, a perfect hub for travellers who don't want loads of cables.

Rotatable USB Hub is £6 on Amazon.

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