Having moaned that my TARDIS was too full, I set on a quest to find another. The cardboard one I had appears to be the last of its kind - but I did manage to snag this beauty on eBay.

It's a Panopticon '93 Officially licensed TARDIS - similar to this one on RetroTrader.

Click to embiggen images.

It's a little scuffed, but nothing a lick of paint can't fix. Of slight - very slight - annoyance is that it's a fraction too shallow to hold standard DVD cases and have the doors tightly shut.  So I've decided to keep them open to show off my collection.

By my reckoning, each shelf can hold about 34 DVDs - so 136 in total.  With around 11 completely missing serials, from a total of 157, it looks like I might have to find a way to make this one ever-so slightly bigger on the inside...

Thanks to my ever loving - and ever patient - wife, Liz, for putting up with me.  She's a far better companion than any the Doctor ever had 🙂

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