Brightening Up The Office – TARDIS Lanyards

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The only jewellery it seems acceptable for a modern man to wear is a discreet wedding ring, and a corporate necklace. I’ve long since given up wearing a tie – why trust a man who voluntarily wraps a noose around his neck? – but as a sop to modern work-wear I have a security badge…

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Having moaned that my TARDIS was too full, I set on a quest to find another. The cardboard one I had appears to be the last of its kind – but I did manage to snag this beauty on eBay. It’s a Panopticon ’93 Officially licensed TARDIS – similar to this one on RetroTrader. Click…

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Wanted: TARDIS

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Many years ago, when I was very young and you were even younger, I bought a TARDIS. Sadly, it turned out to be made of cardboard and only suitable for storing DVDs. No flying through time for me 🙁 Also, it turns out that it wasn’t bigger on the insider than on the outside.  Meaning,…

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