Book Review: It's Not About the Burqa - Mariam Khan

Book cover featuring illustrations of women wearing various head coverings.

Much like "Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race" this is a book that's a little tricky for me - a white apathist man - to review. I'll cheerfully admit that I don't get religion - any religion. And I doubly don't get why people tie themselves to a religion which seems […]

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Yes, but what sort of disbelief do you have?

Drop down menu asking if I have a religion. Among the usual answers are "No religion" and "no - atheist" and "No - agnostic"

There's an old, old joke: A man jumps into a taxi and starts chatting to the driver about philosophy. The taxi driver turns to him and says, “Are you a Catholic or a Protestant?” The man says, “Well, I'm an atheist.” The taxi driver thinks for a moment and says “OK, but is it the […]

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So, this is Christmas?

Graph showing all forms of worship steadily decreasing.

The Church of England publishes statistics about the numbers of its faithful. These are particularly interesting in light of the recent news that the UK no-longer has a Christian majority. The CofE's statistics are for 2019 - before COVID messed up everything - and I think offer a fascinating glimpse into its future. The two […]

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"What next? Will our courts overrule the Ten Commandments?”

The Telegraph's headline screams "Christians have no right to wear cross at work, says Government"! Personally, I think it's good that the Government is standing up for secular values. I also like the cognitive dissonance which this case must be causing the right-wing as it seems to be about the religious right using the much […]

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Am I A Jedi or An Atheist?

Billboard saying "If you're not religious, for god's sake say so."

Census time is coming around - which brings with it the tricky question of religion. Regular readers will know that I self identify as an apathist - a peculiar sub-branch of atheism. Those with longer memories will have seen me self identify as a Jedi (Dark Side). So, when the 2011 census rolls around, how […]

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I'm an Apathist.  It's a funny sort of mix between the various flavours of Atheism and Agnostism. At its very root is the fact that I just don't care.  Arguments about religions and their various gods are tedious; by their very nature there is no way of resolving them. So, lets take some points.  See […]

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