"What next? Will our courts overrule the Ten Commandments?”

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The Telegraph’s headline screams “Christians have no right to wear cross at work, says Government“! Personally, I think it’s good that the Government is standing up for secular values. I also like the cognitive dissonance which this case must be causing the right-wing as it seems to be about the religious right using the much…

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Am I A Jedi or An Atheist?

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Billboard saying "If you're not religious, for god's sake say so."

Census time is coming around – which brings with it the tricky question of religion. Regular readers will know that I self identify as an apathist – a peculiar sub-branch of atheism. Those with longer memories will have seen me self identify as a Jedi (Dark Side). So, when the 2011 census rolls around, how…

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I’m an Apathist.  It’s a funny sort of mix between the various flavours of Atheism and Agnostism. At its very root is the fact that I just don’t care.  Arguments about religions and their various gods are tedious; by their very nature there is no way of resolving them. So, lets take some points.  See…

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