The Bite

A glistening pool of blood gently wept from the body. Crimson gore sparkled under rapid flash photography as it loosely clung to the wounds. So many wounds. Too many for this to have been an accident.

"Bite marks," said the forensics officer. "A lot of bite marks."

The detective peered at the ragged corpse. It was barely recognisable as human; just a series of holes where flesh ought to be.

"Please tell me a wild animal did this."

The forensics officer pointed at a series of incisions across what was left of a shoulder. "That's a human bite. No doubt about it."

"What kind of sick freak bites chunks out of someone? Do the teeth marks match those from the previous five victims?"

"That's why we called you. They do match, and we know who those teeth belong to."

"We were due to catch a break. Who was it?"

The room went quiet. The assembled forensics team paused. They knew how crazy this would sound.

"The teeth marks... Well... The teeth marks belong to the victim..."

The room span around the detective. This couldn't be suicide. It just couldn't. No human - not even a psychopath burnt out on designer pharmaceuticals - could inflict those sorts of wounds on themselves. It didn't make sense.

The detective struggled to stem the rising vomit, "How sure are you?"

Shakily, a forensics tech picked up a discarded lump of human-meat. The incisions were clearly visible on both sides. She opened the mouth of the victim and started pointing out all the subtle details which proved the match.

"100% sure. Either this is an extreme case of auto-cannibalism or..."

The detective sighed. "Check the victim's social media posts. See if they ever shared a CT scan of their jaw online. My guess is that our killer stole their dental profile and created a weapon using a 3D printer..."

Behind this door is the lair of Dr David Mills.

Door covered with signs warning about radiation, x-rays, and high voltage.

After seeing my adventures in viewing my CT Scan using Linux, he generously offered to help print them out using the dental lab's resin printer.

Which resulted in this:

3D printed jaw with resin scaffolding.

Once all the scaffolding was snapped off, I was left with a life-sized replica of my face-bones:

Life sized 3D printed teeth.

I'm sure nothing bad will happen as a result of this!

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