I can't use my number pad for 2FA codes

This has to be the most infuriating bug report I've ever submitted.

I went to type in my 2FA code on a website - but no numbers appeared on screen. Obviously, I was an idiot and had forgotten to press the NumLock button. D'oh! I toggled it on and typed again. No numbers appeared. I switched to another tab, my numbers appeared when I typed them. So I was reasonably confident that my keyboard was working.

I swapped back to the 2FA entry and tried again. Still nothing. Then I tried typing the numbers using the number row on my keyboard. My 2FA code appeared.


Developers often use JavaScript to "improve" the standard features of HTML. For example, using <input type="number"> has some accessibility concerns and using inputmode="numeric" is great for showing a number key board on mobile, but not much else.

So a developer wants a reliable way to make sure a user can only type numbers. Fair enough.

There are two ways to do this - a right way and a wrong way - using KeyboardEvent.

One way is to listen for the character being sent from the keyboard - known as the key.

The other is to listen for the button being pressed on the keyboard - known as the code.

A good demo of this is at keyjs.dev - play around with it to see what keyboard buttons your browser can detect.

When I press 7 on the top row of my keyboard, the key is 7 and the code is Digit7.

But when I press 7 on my number pad, the key is 7 but the code is Numpad7.

The JavaScript on the website was rejecting any key code which wasn't a "Digit"!

Perhaps I am a weirdo for insisting on both having and using my numpad? Perhaps developers need to test on something other than MacBooks? Perhaps JavaScript was a mistake and the Web would be better without it?

Either way, don't be like that website. Let users type in using whatever keys they like.

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10 thoughts on “I can't use my number pad for 2FA codes”

  1. said on circumstances.run:

    @Edent the bright javascript developers who decided to override system input mechanisms are fucking anathema.

    (in many payment interfaces i cannot use compose key to type my proper name because some fucking genius decided that they will accept only raw keystrokes. ah, and of course no paste. because why would i want to paste my credit card number from my secret vault, when i can fucking type it.)

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