VR Game Review: Labyrinth deLux – A Crusoe Quest

I love single player VR puzzle games. Especially ones with no timers, baddies, or jump-scares. I just want to play against myself.

Labyrinth deLux is brilliant. The puzzle is simple enough - point lasers at mirrors, then align mirrors until they point at the target. You've almost certainly played a 2D version of this.

But it has a mind-bending 3D layout which requires you to continually walk on the ceiling to adjust your perspective. The UI is, thankfully, not chunder-inducing. You point and click at a surface and then smoothly float and reorient to it.

The plot is a bit silly - your spaceship crashes and you have a mysterious destiny or some nonsense. But the voice acting is good and you can ignore the story without consequence.

Graphics are lo-fi charming, which helps prevent the usual VR weirdness. Excessive graphics quality just shines a light on how bad the Meta Quest 2 is. But the Minecraft style helps keep the FPS up.

There are 16 levels of increasing difficulty - which took me about 3½ hours to complete:

VR screenshot showing how long each level took.

At £6, it's probably one of the cheapest games on Oculus - and excellent value for money.

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