Someone turned my game into a comic!

Hello readers! Way back in 2015, I wrote a "Choose Your Own Adventure" game using Twitter.

I think it is fair to say that it is the best computer game I've ever published. And probably the only time I'll ever be reviewed in The Guardian and Kotaku!

Anyway, a year ago I was contacted by an art student. They wanted to adapt my game into a comic for their art class. How could I refuse?

This beautifully styled, monochrome pages were the result:

Highly stylised comic in black and white, the text is in Hebrew.

The pages of the comic have instructions for which page to turn to.

They also provided me with a rendering with the text in English:

A rendering of a comic with the text in English.

Isn't it gorgeous!

Another mock-up of the pages in a book.

I'm overjoyed that someone turned my daft little game into a work of art. Now all I need to do is find a way to print it in the quality it deserves.

Huge thanks to "flyingpotato" (yes, that's how they want to be credited!) for creating something so distinctive and delectable.

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