What's the cheapest domain you can register for 10 years?

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I'm concerned about the longevity of the domains I register. I want my domains to be available for as long as possible. But it seems that every year prices rise - and the discount often provided for a new domain rarely continues into subsequent years.

So I recently started renewing them for as long as possible. It turns out that most domains can be registered for a maximum of 10 years1.

A typical .uk domain will set you back the thick end of a hundred quid if you want it for a decade! Can I find something cheaper?

There are some free domain services like freenom.com. They'll give you a .ml domain for free. But you'll have to log in every year if you want to renew it. And, as I recently found out, they will sometimes just take away your free name and try to charge you for it.

Similarly, .pp.ua offers free domains to people in Ukraine. They can only be registered for a single year at a time though.

If you want a Top Level Domain which you can renew for a decade, the cheapest appears to be .feedback which costs a smidge under £13 for 10 years.

Screenshot showing £12.80 for 10 years.

But, of course, there is a catch! You have to use the .feedback website hosting service which, frankly, looks rubbish.
Screenshot of a review website. It looks cheap and nasty.

It doesn't seem to be receiving any updates. I've tried contacting them to see if any improvements are planned, but didn't receive a reply. You can't set your own nameservers, nor can you add MX records or anything useful like that.

The cheapest fully functional domain which you can register for a decade appears to be .cyou from Sav.com at about £23 (US$27.60).

Screenshot showing the domain cost at sav.com.

Up next is .stream from Porkbun - you can buy a 10 year domain for ~£30 (US$35.60).

Screenshot showing the price.

As pointed out on the HackerNews discussion on this post, you can register a .in domain for 10 years for £37.

So, there you have it. For between £23 - £40 you can buy a useful domain name which will stay registered to you for a decade. If you can find anything cheaper - please let me know in the comments.

Of course, paying for hosting for a decade is a different matter!

  1. Do let me know if there are exceptions to this rule which are available to the general public. 

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13 thoughts on “What's the cheapest domain you can register for 10 years?

  1. Good review! Alas I have had failures by registrars to renew internally even though I paid multiple years up front. Perhaps these larger, more automated registrars can be trusted... perhaps?

  2. says:

    I recently gave up two project URLs because they were way overpriced.

    These fancy URLs like .app or .garden tempt you in then jack up the price.

    Shame, because there were open source projects and I still get messages to this day asking for where they have gone.

      1. @edent says:

        That's still more expensive than the others. And, frankly, I'd rather not give my money to Cloudflare.

    1. @edent says:

      That's interesting, thanks! $10/year and only for .com & a few others.


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