VR Review: Moss 2

A mouse in a clockwork puzzle.

Did you enjoy the game Moss? This is a sequel which is identical to the original. The graphics are identical, the gameplay is identical, the puzzles are identical. There are a couple of slightly new mechanics and a new playable character (also a mouse). But it is fundamentally more of the same. So I suggest […]

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Review: USB Battery Charger (EBL C9010N)

Red and green LEDs above the batteries.

I'll review anything with a USB-C port. When hardware companies offer to send me a gadget to review, I'll always reply back with "only if it has USB-C". The EBL C9010N has a USB micro socket. *sigh* We live in the future now. Don't buy anything which requires you to have multiple cables and adapters. […]

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More thoughts on adding NFC to the Framework Laptop

I've got a fancy new Framework laptop. It comes with little expansion sockets - which allow you to plug in USB devices, HDMI ports, Ethernet cables, and all sorts. I want to add an NFC reader to it. So, step one was to find an NFC circuit board which worked with the hardware and was […]

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Book Review: The Soul of a New Machine - Tracy Kidder

Book cover with circuitry design.

I hate it when I DNF a book. But "Soul of a New Machine" is just dull. It's sort of a hagiography of an obscure company which once made a 32 bit computer. All the men (and it seems to be mostly men) are in turns dull, agressive, or just dicks. As a sample quote: […]

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Review: Framework 16 Laptop

Guts of a computer.

Several years ago, I purchased a Clevo N151CU laptop with the idea that I'd gradually upgrade the RAM, storage, and other bits. After my keyboard failed, I found it difficult to find replacement parts. The whole point of the Framework laptop is that it is specifically designed to be modular. It come in kit form, […]

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Getting lots of BIMI images using Python

Glowing computer text showing dot com dot info etc.

I've written before about the moribund BIMI specification. It's a way for brands to include a trusted logo when they send emails. It isn't much used and, apparently, is riddled with security issues. I thought it might be fun to grab all the BIMI images from the most popular websites, so I can potentially use […]

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I don't understand the sacrifices people make for work

A little Roman Centurion made out of Lego. He is grimacing fiercely.

Just before I graduated from University, I went to a careers fair to help me decide what I wanted to do with my life. At one of the stalls was our local Police force1 - advertising the exciting new world of digital forensics2. Here is - almost verbatim - the conversation I had with the […]

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EMF 2024 - A Quick Retrospective

Selfie of me in front of a Tesla Coil. A big metal tube shooting sparks.

Six years ago, I went to my first EMF Camp. The next event was cancelled by Covid. The one after that saw me come down with Covid - although I presented remotely. So I was beyond thrilled to be able to attend & speak this year. There's always a risk that you can never recapture […]

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Infrared Infrastructure

Portacabin with hotspots.

I recently went to EMF Camp (which is Glastonbury for geeks - lots of random electronics, talks, art, and camping). Naturally, I took along my Infrared camera and pointed it at interesting things! First up… sewage! Festivals often have big tanks to take away human effluence. But how can you, a normal human, tell how […]

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Window screens in the UK

Product image of a flexible window screen.

One of the things that often confuses Americans when they visit the UK is our lack of window screens. All the Imperialist Yankee media I consumed as a kid had a delightful array of screen doors and windows. But here in rainy old England, there's never been much call for them. Mosquitos are rare. Our […]

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