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Me wearing a Google Glass headset

This is a regular HTML page. But if you click or tap on the text, you will be able to edit it! HTML is magic! This isn't a fancy styled <textarea>, it's a <div> element which uses the contenteditable global attribute. There are some nifty features - depending on your browser. You can add more…

DVD Review: The E-Space Trilogy

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DVD Cover of the E-Space trilogy.

A box set of late-era Tom Baker stories. And they're a bit of a mixed bunch. Full Circle First up, Full Circle - which introduces us to Adric. Ah, poor sweet Adric. He's an exercise in wish-fulfilment. Getting a nerdy, 17 year old, Who-geek to write a teenage nerd to appeal to other teenage nerds.…

Gadget Review: Eufy Video Doorbell

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eufy doorbell using an echo as a chime.

Two years ago, I got a DophiGo DV-200 WiFi Doorbell. It's been OK, but I was hankering for an upgrade. Something with a more reliable app and better video / audio quality. About a year ago, I got a Eufy Security Camera System. It has been excellent. The main advantage is that it comes with…

Book Review: Inglorious Empire - Shashi Tharoor

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Book cover for Inglorious empire - featuring a bejewelled crown.

I know shamefully little about the British Empire and its colonisation of India. I remember going on a school trip to the memorial at Ypres - but I don't remember hearing about the thousands of Indian troops who served and died. I learned endlessly about Churchill - but not about his racist attitudes towards the…

Practical Machine Learning with Python

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Logo of the Python programming language.

As part of my MSc I'm taking a short course in Practical Machine Learning via QA.com. The first three days were just about basic stats visualisation using Python. It was great to have a refresher - but I would have expected that to be a pre-requisite. The tutor was excellent - very patient at explaining…

How to migrate Google For Your Domain to normal Gmail

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The Gmail icon.

Google has decided to fuck over its early adopters. Way back in 2006, Google announced Google Apps for Your Domain. Basically it was Gmail - but you could use your own domain. No more example@gmail.com now you could be me@example.com. Hurrah! At the time, they said: organizations that sign up during the beta period will…

Use Python to get alerted when an Amazon wishlist item drops in price

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Logo of the Python programming language.

Scratching my own itch. I want an alert when there's been a price drop on an item on my Amazon wishlist. I couldn't find an easy way to get an email directly from Amazon (customer-focused my shiny metal arse) so I knocked something up in Python. This is heavily inspired by Leigh Dodds' Wishlist Monitor.…

How do artists get paid?

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Binary code displayed on a screen.

NB: The bit about NFT and smart contracts is at the end. As I discussed yesterday, being able to resell digital art via an NFT means that the price of art falls to zero. Let's assume that I'm correct and, through a combination of technology and changing social attitudes, no one wants to pay for…

NFTs means the future value of art is zero

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Binary code displayed on a screen.

At the moment, it is not possible to sell a 2nd hand eBook or MP3. This seems fairly reasonable because a re-seller might keep copies of their original files after selling them. This would allow the re-seller to undercut the original publisher and sell the file multiple times. We tend to label this "Piracy". Someone…

Movie Review: Nomadland

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Poster for Nomadland. A woman sits outside her van with her underwear drying on a line.

I loved this movie but, the more I reflect on it, the less I like it. There's no doubt that Frances McDormand deserves every accolade - she's one of those rare actors who can completely inhabit a character and makes the screen light up. Chloé Zhao's direction is subtle and sublime, giving us a tender…