Do you want to be friends with your courier?

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Hi, I'm Local Courier I am your local courier, I like delivering parcels.

My life is an endless stream of courier deliveries right now. Welcome to lockdown life. Recently, I received an email saying that a driver had delivered a parcel. They’d dumped it on my porch without ringing the bell, then ran back to their vehicle. That’s fair enough. These people are given hellishly ambitious targets and…

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What’s the point of buying autographs?

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Signed picture of Derek Jacobi.

Hanging on a wall in our house is a signed picture of Derek Jacobi. It is one of our most treasured possessions. It is a drawing of him as Professor Yana from Doctor Who. SPOILER ALERT He was really The Master! Back in 2007, I happened to be working next to a memorabilia shop, when…

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Why is there no “pay me directly” standard?

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A tiny lego Storm Trooper eats a chocolate coin.

If you have a bank account, you probably have an IBAN – an International Bank Account Number. It is a well-structured text string which unambiguously identifies your account. A typical UK IBAN looks like GB33BUKB20201555555555 – with it, you can send money to that account from any bank in the world. OK, some banks make…

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“Advanced Network Error Search” – how to turn off Virgin’s least helpful service

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Screenshots showing adverts next to my mispelled domain.

tl;dr you have to keep complaining to Virgin for several months and then take them to the Communication & Internet Services Adjudication Scheme then complain to their Data Protection team by contacting them on LinkedIn. Background Virgin have a spammy DNS hijacking service. If you accidentally misspell a domain – for example example.coom – Virgin…

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Preview: Virgin Media’s Intelligent WiFi Plus Pods

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A plug in unit with two ethernet ports.

Virgin Media have provided me with a test unit of their new Intelligent WiFi pods to review. They’re useful, but come with some annoying limitations. If you have a big home, put a pod in every room and you’ll have fast WiFi broadcast everywhere. Well, that’s the theory. Limitations The big limitation is that both…

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Our competitor was a dud – and we still lost

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BBC Headline talking about the competition.

Nine years later and I’m still bitter – and that’s an unhealthy emotion. So I’m blogging as a form of catharsis. Back in 2012, I was taking the fledgling “QRpedia” project to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We had a cool little invention – stick a QR code on a museum exhibit and when a…

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How to track down the original owners of stolen Twitter accounts

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The Twitter logo drawn in circles.

Recently, one of the accounts I follow on Twitter was hijacked. It was turned into a PS5 giveaway scam. The people who hijacked the account changed the name, avatar, and deleted all the previous Tweets. Here’s how I found who the original owner was, and managed to contact them. A Twitter account has a screen…

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Let’s Disrupt TV Advertising!

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An old fashioned CRT TV. It is blank.

Matt Webb has a whimsical blog about buying unused TV advertising space. There are a bunch of shows on streaming services which have ad-breaks unfilled. Mostly, I assume, because everyone hates adverts and no one can afford to buy anything right now. Matt proposes that he hyper-targets his friends and family with fun little messages.…

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(Mostly) Vegan

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Vegetarian sashimi on a bed of ice.

I’ve been a vegetarian for 21 years. And, last year, I became (mostly) vegan. Because my bum kept falling off. I’d been getting frequent stomach cramps and “gastrointestinal distress” which culminated in a nice man from the NHS shoving a camera up me to see if my guts were rotten. They were not (aside from…

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Book Review: How To Invent Everything

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Book cover.

This is an entertaining, useful, and thoroughly tedious book. Imagine your time machine went wrong and you were stranded in the past. How could you “invent” the technology needed to improve the world, At its heart is a potted history of every piece of technology required for modern civilisation. Short and entertaining chapters which discuss…

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