What’s the cost of going to work?

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A tiny lego Storm Trooper eats a chocolate coin.

(This blog post is going to be UK specific, and biased towards jobs that I’ve personally done.) How much does it cost to go to work in a physical office? I’m going to try and list all the things I have to pay for just in order to be able to show up. This ignores…

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Are APIs Elitist?

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Binary code displayed on a screen.

(This post written partly to tease my delightful colleague Charles, but also as a way of thinking about user needs.) During a recent Open Data Café, one of the guests made an entirely reasonable point. An API only method of getting data is elitist. Already having my assumptions tested – are APIs elitist? food for…

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security.txt now uses ISO8601 (sorta…)

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A digital watch.

If you’re unfamiliar, security.txt is a proposed Internet standard. The idea is simple, your website hosts a plain text file at /.well-known/security.txt which tells people who your security contacts are, what your vulnerability disclosure policies are, where your PGP key is, etc. Useful! Because it is in draft, people can comment on it to make…

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Have ComputerShare screwed up your EquatePlus account? Call them on 08009231507

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computershare logo.

I hope this rant is useful to someone… I have some shares leftover from an old employer. The sharesave account was managed by ComputerShare who are pretty crap. For some reason, ComputerShare have decided to migrate lots of their customers to an equally crap service called EquatePlus. I only found out about this when trying…

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What’s the origin of the phrase “Big Data Doesn’t Fit In Excel”?

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Slide saying "It Doesn't fit in Excel".

Welcome to Yak Shaving School! As part of my MSc I’m reading a book about Data Analytics. So I’ve been chasing down quotes to find their origin. One paper had this popular quote in it (emphasis added): As with many rapidly emerging concepts, Big Data has been variously defined and operationalized, ranging from trite proclamations…

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Everything I Know About Relationships, I Learned From Gilmore Girls

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Gilmore girls title screen.

I hate everyone in Stars Hollow. They’re all immature, narcissistic, power-hungry, ego-fuelled maniacs – some of whom border on psychotic. I hold them in such contempt that I would gladly abandon them all on a deserted island and let nature take its course. There isn’t a single one of them who isn’t a complete failure…

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Book Review: Agency – William Gibson

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A black woman - as seen through blurred glass.

Verity Jane, gifted app-whisperer, has been out of work since her exit from a brief but problematic relationship with a Silicon Valley billionaire. Then she signs the wordy NDA of a dodgy San Francisco start-up, becoming the beta tester for their latest product: a digital assistant, accessed through a pair of ordinary-looking glasses. “Eunice,” the…

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Home brewing and Cryptocurrency

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This is a thought experiment inspired by the sort of rambling and speculative conversations my wife and I have been having in lockdown. Most countries in the world place legal limits on alcohol production at home. There are, usually, several good reasons for this: Improperly brewed alcohol can cause severe health problems – including death.…

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My imaginary children aren’t using your streaming service

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Channel 4 Player asking me to confirm if I'm over 18.

Whenever I start up Netflix, I’m asked if I want to create an account for my children. I don’t have children. I don’t want children. I find most children annoying – not yours, obviously, yours are lovely. But I resent being asked every single time whether my imaginary kids want an account. It’s just annoying.…

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Book Review: A History of Women in Men’s Clothes – Norena Shopland

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A book cover of the title embossed in tight silk.

Traditionally, historic women have been seen as bound by social conventions, unable to travel unless accompanied and limited in their ability to do what they want when they want. But thousands of women broke those rules, put on banned clothing and travelled, worked and even lived whole lives as men. As access to novels and…

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