Drones 🆚 Censorship

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A John Gilmore (probably) said, "The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it."

Let it be so with drones.

About a decade ago, I wrote about Smuggling USB Sticks. You can load an incredible amount of data onto flash memory and carry it just about anywhere.

Nowadays, drones mean that people don't need to physically carry drives themselves. And drones can carry a lot more than data.

Drones deliver abortion pills to women in Poland

Drones have been used to deliver abortion drugs to women in Poland in a protest against Poland's pregnancy termination laws.

The same is also happening in South Korea, where propaganda is delivered to the North via drone.

The drones don't have to physically drop goods. Consider how a swarm like this could be used to broadcast a message:

There is a vast commercial opportunity for cross border trade using drones. That's all legitimate traffic. But with swarms of drones cluttering the skies, how easy will it be to spot a couple of rogue ones flying in formation?

Drones can be used for 3D mapping - quickly capturing a scene and then scurrying off:

The law is clear about drone flights - and how responsible owners should behave. But with the cost of drones plummeting, and their ability to carry heavy payloads over longer distances increasing, we should expect a surge in "interesting" uses.

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