Should Twitter tell you if you’ve been following a fake account?

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A report from Twitter saying an account was suspended.

I get a lot of random Twitter DMs from attractive women who are desperate to make friends with me. I usually report the obvious spammers. But a few weeks ago, one nearly slipped through the net. The woman was wearing a military uniform – a proper one, not a sexy Hallowe’en costume – and was…

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I'm in an RFC!

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Friends, allow me to wallow in a little boasting! Four years ago, I made a modest proposal for a new HTTP Code to indicate censorship. A few days ago, RFC 7725: An HTTP Status Code to Report Legal Obstacles became an approved standard by the Internet Engineering Task Force. This allows a website, proxy, or…

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Strawberries and Teabags

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David Cameron wants to block certain “pornographic” search terms. He joins a long list of MPs who simply don’t understand what they’re talking about – like Claire Perry, Andy Burnham, and Helen Goodman. I’ve talked before about my time working as an “Adult Material Classifier” for Vodafone UK. In short, my team and I used…

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The Gun That Fits On A Floppy Disk

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The 3D printed gun is now a reality. I don’t have access to a 3D printer – but I’ve downloaded the plans out of morbid curiosity. While downloading the blueprints may not be illegal, any UK citizen who made and owned such a handgun could face arrest, according to the UK’s Metropolitan Police. BBC News…

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Helen Goodman MP is "Particularly Stupid"

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I remarked earlier about Helen Goodman MP and her total lack of technical knowledge. An MP being a bit behind the times isn’t the greatest shock – but she’s Labour’s Shadow Minister for Culture, Media, and Sport – that’s a big deal! This year, Claire Perry MP produced an “independent” report into online child protection.…

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Smuggling USB Sticks

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“This Is Not A Film” by Iranian director Jafar Panahi, who is under house arrest in his country for alleged “propaganda against the regime,” will be screened under the Free Jafar Panahi Program of the 13th Cinemanila. The film was smuggled from Iran in a Flash-Drive hidden inside a cake to Cannes for screening a…

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A (Virtual) Blockade of Parliament

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Two years ago I was severely annoyed at Labour’s Andy Burnham for his plans to censor the net. Today, I am equally annoyed at the Conservative’s Ed Vaizey for a similarly corruptible scheme. I don’t have the money to lobby bribe donate to the Conservative party. I’m too scared of the police attempting to kill…

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Thoughts on #AmazonFail

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I want to ignore the debate about whether it’s right or wrong to “censor” books based on the sexuality of their subject matter. It doesn’t matter, at this stage, whether Amzon’s deranking of LGBTQI works was a glitch, policy or the work of trolls. What matters is the action taken by the “online community” and…

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Don't blame Andy Burnham for wanting to censor the web.

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The UK Culture Secretary, Mr Andy Burnham, has recently suggested that we censor rate websites. With the predictable backlash.But don’t blame Andy! It’s not his fault. Allow me to explain… Here’s some pornography for you…Phwoar! Look at the tits on that! Here’s some child porn.Sickening. How could Leonardo Da Vinci bear to paint such monstrosities?…

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