How to type Emoji in Ubuntu

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New tech site Gadgette has a great article on how to type Emoji on Mac and Windows - but they (understandably) didn't cover Ubuntu. So here I am to show you how.

Get The Fonts

If your computer doesn't have the requite font, install the latest version of Symbola.

Simply open up the .zip file, double click on the .ttf font, then choose "Install".
Symbola Install-fs8

Find The Character

You almost certainly have the GNU CharMap app installed. If not, run
apt-get install gucharmap.

You'll find it in "Accessories" or by running charmap from the terminal.
CharMap Run-fs8

On the left hand side, you'll see a list of all the Unicode Block. Scroll down to "Emoticons":

CharMap Emoji-fs8

Or "Miscellaneous Symbols"
CharMap Misc-fs8

Click on the character you want, then press CTRL+C to copy them to your clipboard.

You can also search through all the character names if you're not sure where it lives.
CharMap Search-fs8



6 thoughts on “How to type Emoji in Ubuntu

  1. ronjohn63 says:

    When I install Symbola, and select it in gucharmap, there's no Emoticons or Miscelaneous.

    1. Terence Eden says:

      That's very strange. Have you tried rebooting?

      1. ronjohn63 says:

        It's Linux, not Windows. Why in the world would I reboot?

        I put Symbola.ttf in ~/.fonts and then ran "sudo fc-cache -f -v". After that, it shows up in LibreOffice, FireFox, Mousepad and gucharmap.

      2. ronjohn63 says:

        They do show up in "Common", though.

        1. Change from "script" to "Unicode Block" under the "view" menu. In GNOME Character Map 3.18.2 they aren't in alphabetical order, but you can find them by starting to type the block name with the block list focused.

  2. phiggins says:

    Symbola has pretty boring looking emoji. It's not too much work to get better-looking full color emoji on Ubuntu:

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