Talking about SMS Spam with Radio 4

Earlier this week I appeared on BBC Radio 4's "You And Yours" to talk about the scourge of SMS Spam.

You can listen to it on their website - or, if it has expired, I've grabbed an audio clip for your listening pleasure.


I've asked the Direct Marketing Associate to create a "Do Not Text" list - so that people can opt-out of spam SMS. They already operate the Mail Preference Service and the Telephone Preference Service for opting out of junk mail and calls.

The DMA argues that there's no need for such a service because spam SMS are already illegal. That strikes me as odd. It is quite clear that there are networks of personal data brokers who are careless with your personal data. Creating a universal suppression file would allow text marketers to be sure that they are not inadvertently breaking the law.

The DMA know that there's a problem with SMS Spam - they have a whole page dedicated to it!


The DMA offers a service to opt-out of spam faxes! Surely it can't be beyond their wit to create a similar system for text messages, can it?

If you've received a Spam SMS, please complain to the DMA and ask them to add SMS to their list of preference services.

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