Chapter 7. Within you, not without you

A book cover in the style of a 1950's pulp sci-fi novel. An AI generated set of computers are connected by wires.Welcome to NaNoWriMo, where I - and thousands of other plucky souls - try to write a 50,000 word novel in a month.

You are reading "Tales of the Algorithm". A compendium of near-future sci-fi stories. Each chapter is a stand-alone adventure set a few days from now.

Everything you read is possible - there's no magic, just sufficiently advanced technology. Think of them as technological campfire horror stories.

Your feedback on each story is very much appreciated.

And so, let's crack on with...

Within you, not without you

Welcome to your new Gutsy5000! Thank you for trusting us to manage your health-implant needs. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best technology for in-body health monitoring. We strive to make sure that you are happy with your new implant and are sure that it will bring you many years of security and joy.

Before contacting us, please take a few moments to read this FAQ. Our customer excellence managers are happy to answer any questions which are not covered in this document. Please note, we reserve the right to charge you a one-off helpdesk fee (in addition to your low monthly subscription) if you ask us a question which we reasonably believe could have been answered by this document or on our Discord channel.

By now, the pain of the surgery should have diminished. It usually takes a few weeks for the probes to travel all the way through your digestive system. Once done, they will provide you with a wealth of data about your biome and biological needs.

Our technicians will have paired your implant with your iPhone (Android version coming soon!) and you will have already set up an account with us. The app is self explanatory, but we will cover some of its more advanced functions in this document. Be sure to send the community your questions if you are confused.

I feel the need to pee all the time

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Law enforcement

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In certain circumstances, we will hand over all of your details to law enforcement. This includes location, stress levels, blood-alcohol, narcotic information, your family's whereabouts, what their last meal was, and if they are still breathing.

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We hope you have many years of happy experiences with your Gutsy5000. Please note, the implant is guaranteed for 24 months. After that time, readings may become erratic and unreliable. As part of your subscription, you are required to undergo surgery to upgrade your unit in order to keep it functional.

If you are currently in jail or prison, we will make arrangements with local authorities to extract our equipment. Please note, removal of the probes is best done under general anaesthetic and this procedure may leave a small amount of residual scarring. Your data will remain in our servers for at least 7 years and may be accessed by your defence team on payment of a suitable release fee.

The whole team at the Gutsy5000 studios hopes you and your family will enjoy learning just a little more about each other.

Thanks for reading

I'd love your feedback on each chapter. Do you like the style of writing? Was the plot interesting? Did you guess the twist? Please stick a note in the comments to motivate me.

You can read the complete set of short stories in order.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 7. Within you, not without you”

  1. Dragon Cotterill says:

    Why does this remind me of Tom Scott's "Welcome to Life"? Perhaps it's the self same legal ridiculousness of letting something try to take over your life?


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