Musical Roombas!

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A few years ago, I added WiFi to my Roomba using a 3rd party add-on. Sadly, it looks like Thinking Cleaner, the company which created the WiFi unit is no longer manufacturing them. But in their latest firmware release, they added a fun new option – the ability to make your Roomba sing!

The Roomba has a basic speaker. It can play pre-recorded status messages – but it can also chirp out basic musical notes.

Following their guide to adding new songs, I was able to customise my device to show true deference the ruler of our household!

I am thoroughly unmusical, so if any of you are able to magic up some delightful new tunes – that would be wonderful!

A list of musical notes and the Hex codes needed to make them play on the robot vacuum cleaner

One thought on “Musical Roombas!

  1. You haven’t yet hacked a midi to Roomba converter?

    You disappoint me.

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