An extra pointer when programming IR codes into the RM Pro…
Most of my IR remotes only have a power toggle button (press once for on and again for off). This is no good when creating automation scripts as you don’t know whether the devices are on or off (if your script tries to turn it on and it is already on, it will turn it off). Also, sometimes you want the script to repeat a command 2 or 3 times (in case it didn’t work the 1st time). Clearly a toggle doesn’t work for that!

What I did was download AnyMote Smart remote from the Android store (can’t remember how much it was) onto my Samsung Galaxy S5 (which has a built in IR blaster).
You can then download code-sets for your devices that usually have many more functions – almost always including specific ‘Power On’ ‘Power Off’ commands.
For example, my Panasonic TV remote only has ‘Power Toggle’ and ‘Input cycle’ – I have to press it up to 11 times to cycle between tuner, PC, video, component etc to get to HDMI 1.
By downloading the code-set to my Galaxy S5 I managed to program the RM Pro with ‘Power On’, ‘Power Off’ and a specific ‘HDMI 1’ code.
You should be able to pickup old Android phones with IR blasters from eBay fairly cheaply. I only use my S5 now for programming the RM Pro…

Hope that tips helps 🙂