I recently started using the Broadlink RM2 Pro primarily because its IR and RF. Two common, open and widely available protocols. I could in theory use it to control lightwaveRF sockets and switches instead of their own hub. Basically anything with a remote that operates at 300 or 433mhz (433mhz for Europe).

This unfortunately does not cover RF bulbs. That would be too easy. 99.9% of RF bulbs use 2.4Ghz RF for some reason. I have found only one RF bulb at 433mhz and its on its way from China so cant comment on how good it is yet.

433Mhz RF has a great reach and can easily cover most homes and with a little tinkering you can use the Broadlink with Alexa. Lamp One On, Living Room lights on, TV On, Mute On etc with a little luck and some more work I reckon I can even get it to change Sky channels (Turn on BBC One etc) but haven’t got there yet.