I recently purchased the Broadlink Pro eRemote contoller. Got it up and running very quickly. Programmed my stereo system, both “Main” and “Zone 2”, and the basement TV.
I am having trouble with my X10 modules, I have been able to get Broadlink to learn 3 out of the 16 modules. I know X10 uses an RF signal and the power lines to transmit its commands. I have been reading about different solutions and some mention a “hub” to connect the Broadlink remote and X10 devices. Do you know what the “hub” would be?
I originally bought the Broadlink to control my stereo system in the basement from my sunroom up stairs. It works great and I am very satisfied with the Broadlink. It would be a bonus to have it control the existing X10 modules, I do have the X10 web based remote app for the modules and the security system. I have to have my computer running and the X10 interface running to connect via my phone or tablet.
It would be nice to have it all in one app like Broadlink.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you, Gregg Day.