I’m in the process of using The Broadlink kit with IR (RGB) and RF Lighting and Power Switches and Home Audio/TV . I also picked up the S1 Alarm/Security kit and A1 Sensor .It will take me a while to get it all working and to evaluate just how well it all works to-gether(Or Not!). So Far the RM Pro works well (and is easy to set up for IR and RF Code learning).It integrates well with the Alarm System(S1) and the Environment Sensors in the A1(Noise,Temp,%RH and Air VOC’s). IFTTT (If This Then That)programming seems to work quite well too (Although I have only done simple two or three step programs at present) .I have still not tried the RM Bridge API or trying to use it with EventGhost , OpenHab etc.One thing I did discover is that the Broadlink devices are based off of the Marvell 88MC200 SOC IOT device. Amazon(US) have a cheap Developers kit for this platform (Search AWS Starter Kit) and gridconnect.com have inexpensive marvell modules and dev kits too. SDKs are also available and lots of docs on marvell website.
So far so good?
Pro’s : Cheap, Lots of Docs and SDK’s seem to be available for the Marvell SOCs. Versatile-WiFi, IR and US & EU RF Compatibility.
Easy to use very inexpensive RGB IR remote Bulbs,LED Strips and Various RF Plugs and Light sockets.Can Learn Practically any IR/RF remote, Ability to Construct/Design your own IR/RF remote in the econtrol app. Lots of premade templates on their cloud server, Can use with lights,Blinds,Curtains,Air Con,wall sockets,switches etc
Cons : Chinese Cloud server is unreliable- Security could be an issue- this needs to be verified, although there is an option to only make any devices on your network only discoverable by your phone/tablet (Again not verified yet)
You will probably have problems with various IR and RF codes “interfering ” with each other.So be prepared to do code debugging!(Using a particular key on your tv remote MAY switch on a Light as well as change a channel) .An RMPro in each room might fix this(NOT tried)
Security – IR and RF can be Jammed(Google it).
Still lots to check/Try but for the price it looks pretty promising.