Did it with my Asus RT-AC87R using zoc6 mac app.. due to the fact built in telnet on the mac do not like the ┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐ and then using the following
Telnet.. if you need help knowing how to turn on it..
Enable Telnet by going to Advanced Settings > Administration > System > Enable Telnet and click on “Apply“

Then in telnet once you connect to the router and login.. use the following.

# nvram set wl1_ssid=”┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐”
# nvram commit
# reboot

For who do not know commands remove the # its just there so people know its a command.

Thank you all above for the help that helped me get this whovain a happy wifi name.